Mule Deer Hunting

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Jensen Rotter and Mule Deer Buck
mule deer bucks fighting
mule deer buck from the ranch
timbo and mule deer buck

Mule Deer Hunts on Private Land

faith rotter

2019 Hunt Dates Coming Soon

  • Saddle Mountain Ranch - Mattawa, WA
  • Mt. Baldy Ranch - Yakima River Canyon, WA

Red's Fly Shop has exclusive access to over 50,000 acres of prime Eastern Washington mule deer habitat.  These properties offer general hunting seasons including for archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunting for 3 point or better bucks.  We do have a late season archery hunt in one area that enables hunters to shoot does, too.  We limit access to these properties to provide a quality hunt for hunters of all skill levels.  The expanse and contours of the terrain are perfect for a true spot and stalk experience.  Whether you like to post up on a vantage point and glass all day, or roam the ridges and check out the bottoms of the deep canyons, there is more ground to cover than there is daylight to explore it all!   While there are some true trophy class animals that have come off of these ranches over the years, the average bucks are just nice 3 and 4 pointers that provide excellent table fare!  This is an excellent hunt for a group of longtime hunting partners or father with young kids.  We keep things organized so you can make the most of your deer hunting season.

jensen rotter hunting mule deer


Saddle Mountain Ranch

  • 5 Day Early Rifle Hunt - October 12th - 16th, 2019 *dates unofficial $1,500 DIY Base Price
  • 6 Day Late Rifle Hunt - October 17th - 22nd, 2019 *dates unofficial $1,500 DIY Base Price
  • Guided Hunt - $600/day 
  • Archery/Muzzleloader Hunts $1,000 DIY Base Price

MT. Baldy Ranch 

  • General Season Rifle Hunt - October 12th - 22nd, 2019 *dates unofficial $1,000 DIY Base Price - 10 Clients MAX
  • Guided Hunt - $600/day
  • Archery/Muzzleloader Hunts $1,000 DIY Base Price

Payment and Deposit Policy

Payment for the membership is due within 10 days of the reservation. We accept checks, PayPal, and credit cards. Final payments are due 60 days from the hunt start date. For all trips scheduled less than 60 days out, full payment is required upon reservation.

For all Red's Hunting Adventures/Memberships, both deposits and final payments are non-refundable unless a client is replaced. i.e. you (or we) can find someone to take your spot. Both your deposit and final payment can be transferred to another client for the same trip. Red's Fly Shop reserves the right to apply a $100 processing fee for itinerary changes.

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